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Taft's Sportsman's Guide and Handbook

 Edition 1 (1925)

This publication is the Granddaddy of all Northwest fishing guides. All of the reports on the different fishing locations had to be created for the very first time. This was done with the information being contributed by fisherman who had knowledge of these different locations. This effort was about as grassroots as it comes. The sharing of information between the sportsman and Piper and Taft. And then Piper and Taft  cataloging and publishing this information. With the last step being to put this information back into the hands of the sportsman. This would undoubtedly be a monumental feat even by today's standards. Even with our cell phones, fax machines and internet. Back then the telephones in rural areas were few and far between and the road systems being mostly undeveloped. These factors did not help to speed the communication of fishing information whatsoever. Once this data was assembled for the first time, I'm sure that every guide to follow had a much easier time complying their fishing data. These Taft guides are more RARE than a politician in the State of Washington trying to LOWER TAXES. If you find one of either, please let me know.