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Pacific Northwest Sportsman's Guide Book


I have just recently acquired what I would consider to be the “Holly Grail” of Northwest fishing guides. I have known of it’s existence for around 5 years now, but I have never seen one of these elusive creatures. Well my friends “Big Foot” has been discovered and is living in my old fishing guide collection.  This fishing guide was Compiled and Edited by Clinton W. Rowley and Published by Piper and Taft back in 1930.  This guide followed the Taft Sportsman’s guides from 1925 & 1928 and preceded the Ben Paris “Fishing Guide to the Northwest” which started in 1935. The format of this book is quite different from the Taft guides before it or any other guide to follow it. I can’t even imagine what rarity factor or value you would put on a copy of this book. It would have to be right there in the category with my “Monette’s Hardware fisherman’s guide book” from 1921.  If you have one of these Clinton Rowley books, I can only suggest to you to buy yourself a big lock and keep your treasure safe.

 If you have anymore information on this guide or comments, please email me.