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1946 Ben Paris Derby Rules

The rules to the Ben Paris Salmon Derby were quite complex. There were several qualifying rounds that would determine the contestants that would advance into the finals. These qualifying positions were also determined by the different official locations (mostly boat houses) around Puget Sound. Iím sure that most of the largest fish caught during this entire derby came out of these qualifying rounds. It was a whole new ballgame however on the day of the finals, thatís when the largest fish cashed in on the big prizes, the 5 automobiles. One of these 5 automobiles was reserved for the Women with the largest fish. In 1946 there were also 5 Johnson Outboard motors given away as well. The 5 automobiles were the usual top prizes, but the manufacture of these cars would change from year to year depending on who sponsored them. The same was true with the additional prizes, but these were mostly outdoors related products. Seattle came alive during these finals with huge throngs of humanity crowding the docks to view the final weigh in. The crowds back then would make these modern day Bass Tournament weigh ins look like a Tupperware party.