Alan's Tote Gote Pictures

I would like to thank Alan for these fantastic pictures. His Dad worked as the Bonham Corporation Controller up until 1963. Alan has supplied me with a copy of the 1963 Bonham Annual Report. I will let Alan tell his story in his own words. 

I enjoyed reviewing your website, it brought back lots of memories of Orem, Utah. 

I still have the 1963 Bonham Corporation annual report which includes
stories, sales reports, projections, lots of pictures of products and testing etc.

 I grew up in (next door to Provo) and my father worked for the Bonham Corporation as the 

controller.  He was also on the board of directors.  My brother and I loved to go “play” 

at the plant on weekends.  When my dad left Bonham in about 1963, they gave him a 

brand new fully loaded Nova.  I believe it was set up to where it could be licensed for
the street.  It had two tail lights and a headlight (but no battery).
It was a gray blue color and had red seats.  When the family moved to Tempe
AZ, we took it up to my grandparents farm where it stayed for about 10
years.  We rode, jumped, and other wise abused that machine way past
what a normal machine would have endured.  We even broke one of the rear
rubber engine platform mounts and grandpa turned us a new one out of a piece of
oak, of course the suspension was stiffer.  When grandpa sold his Farm
we brought it to Tempe and had it around for several years before my dad
donated it to a charity organization.  I wasn’t paying attention or I
would still have it today!  I was always fascinated by the test track
at Bonham.  They had made big cement circles with a center pivot which
hooked on to a truss bar which in turn hooked on to a tote gote.  The engineers
would crank them up to full throttle and run them in circles until something
broke. There is  a great picture of this in the report. I remembered the Bonham Corp
sponsored a tote gote ride through hole-in-the-rock by Lake Powell.  This
was before Lake Powell had water in it.  They hired professional
photographers to film the trek and then produced it as a 16 mm film.  I
remember seeing it several times as a young kid.  Would that not be fun to
find and view again?  I recently picked up a 770 frame in very good shape but 

minus the engine.  I will restore it this fall and winter when the weather cools off here in Mesa.  

I’m also looking at a new Tecumseh 8hp electric start as motivation.


Here are a couple of tote gote photos.  One is me on our Nova in Burley
Idaho, cruising around my grandparent's farm.  The other is much more
interesting.  It is a float that Bonham Corp built and used several times
at parades in central Utah.