The Blazer

This page has been updated with a newly discovered ad from 1960 (see below)

I would like to start off by

 thanking Steve for the scan

 of his ad and Bruno for the

 pictures of his Blazer. The

 Blazer was born when a

member of the board of 

director's and the sales

 manager for the Bonham

 Corp. left to start a new

company. The sales

 manager's father was also

 the distributor for Utah,

 Wyoming & Idaho as well.   

The first six Blazer's that

were produced were made

using Tote Gote frames.

The Blazer's also used a

fiberglass shroud which

caused the engine to over

heat. The company got off

to a shaky start and only

 lasted a couple years. I

would like to thank Ralph

Bonham for the information

on the Blazer.


This Ad appeared in a 1960 Oregon Sportsman's guide.