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The "Gote" takes on the the mountains and wins. Along with my friend Paul's home built "BogHog" we kicked mothernature's butt that day. This was a shake down ride for the "BogHog" and it passed our rigorous test with flying colors. It's powered by a 8hp Tecumseh motor and sports a Harley gas tank. The front fork and wheel came from a 3 wheeled Honda ATV along with the back wheel. This Animal is swinging a 23"X11"X8" meat in the front and the back is a 21"X11"X8" meat. The "BogHog" will now be disassembled and painted.


You can work up quite a thirst when your kicking some serious ass. Now comes Miller time. We climbed to the top of the mountain in the background but damn, wouldn't you know it, We ran out of beer and film.

The "BogHog" also features a detachable rear rack and trailer hitch. The running boards allows the rider to stand up as well as move forward and back for balance, this is a very important feature after Miller time.

The "Gote" and "Hog" pause to look back on this formerly untamed wilderness that they have together turned into a spineless quivering mass of a wasteland. Not bad for 2 gallons of gas and a half rack of Miller talls. This is what life's all about,a gut full of beer and a fist full of throttle (beautiful ain't it). 


The BogHog pulls two trucks no sweat.

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