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Fish Tales

Here is where you can read some of the articles that were printed during the golden era of Northwest fishing. Some of the fishing methods that you will read about will sound very strange to you, however they were very commonplace back then. The low technology level of the equipment dictated the method of use. The Sportsman had to work much harder back then for their catch. This made their accomplishments, even more amazing. I will be adding these featured stories on a regular basis, so drop by frequently and check for newly added articles. If you have any questions, comments or request, please email me at the link below.  

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Check in Frequently for newly added Articles

Spinning for Salmon


By Earl Navin


Salmon Spinning


By Bill Lindberg


Salmon Trolling for Sport in Puget Sound

By Eddie Bauer


River Fishing for Salmon


By C. Clyde Garrett


Salmon Fishing in Puget Sound



By Various Writers


Steelhead Fishing with a Fly



By  Ken McLeod


Steelhead Fishing 

(Casting Method )


By  R.E. Lyttaker


Winter Steelhead Fishing 


By  H.M. Van Tassel


Fishing with a Cracker


By Charles Jollif


Rainbows from Kamloops


By  Ed Sierer



Trolling for Salmon 


By  Herb Mills



Silver Salmon on Flies 


By  George W. McLeod




Fishing Back-Country

Lakes and Streams


By The Trailblazers


Salmon Fishing in Washington


By  Jim Remp




Game Fishing in Washington

- and How to get them 


By  Ken McLeod


Trolling with Plug or Spoon 


By  Eddie Baird