Tule Trooper

This is the best example on the restoration of a Tule Trooper that I have ever had the pleasure to see.  Joe Nicholson has done a great job on the Trooper’s most deluxe model.  This will give you a very good idea as to what you would have seen on display at a Trooper dealership in 1965. I commend Joe on the excellent job he has done.  Below are a few words from Joe about the project.

If you run into anyone having problem finding a brake cable
(because of its length) I sent the old one to MotionPro in California and
they made and exact duplicate for about $30.  I also converted the engine
from points to electronic ignition because it was actually cheaper than
replacing the points and condenser.  I taped over the original Briggs and
Stratton engine stickers because I could not find exact replacements.  The
bike starts on the first pull and idles like a dream with great throttle

If you have any questions for Joe, you can click below to email him.