The Luther Trail Gote* 

*The original spelling of "Gote had to be changed because 

another company had already registered it. (Guess Who?)


Here's a bike that was made in Pasadena CA..

 The Company was started in the late 50's by

a man of the name of John Luther.


John Luther

Many thanks to Wally Luther for all of his information and picture's on his father's

 Company. I will let Wally describe the Luther product line to you in his own words.

My father, John Luther, at his company, Luther Engineering and Manufacturing Company, manufactured the "Trail Gote" from about 1958 to 1962  in Pasadena, CA.

I've attached  scanned copies of a two page brochure of his Trail Gotes and an article written about my father after his death, last year.

I have two original "Trail Gotes", one that is 100% original and another that I've restored and had to add a new engine. I also have tons of photos, ads, test reports, etc., from the '60s, when he was making these bikes.

In addition to the trail bikes, he built Quarter Midgets, Half Midgets, Mini Bikes and Go Karts. I have one complete Viper Quarter Midget and one Cobra Half Midget that he built and I'm looking for any of the others that I can find.

By the way, I think that my Dad changed the name from Trail Gote to Trail Goat in the 1961 timeframe after another company claimed the "Gote" spelling - Tote Gote, if I remember correctly.

Wally Luther
Westlake Village, CA

Early Brochure for the Trail Gote before the name changed.

 Luther also produced the Cobra Mini Bike and smaller Trail Gote called the Mini Goat.


Here is another article on the Cobra and Mini Goat


John Luther passed away last year and this web page

 is a memorial to him and his wonderful inventions.

If you have any questions or comments you can email

Wally Luther

Or you contact me at