Modern Day Trail

Scooter Racing

Race Number 2

The Starting Line 

The Story

Trail scooter racing is alive, well and is growing. The first modern day

Race was held outside of Bluffdale Utah on Nov. 18th 2001. The

16 mile racecourse was located in very rough desert mountain terrain.

The second race was ran on April 6th in another area near Bluffdale

which was just as rough as the first location. It was also 16 miles in 

length and made up of two 8 mile legs. The starting line up increased from 

four to seven riders with five finishing the full 16 miles. All riders reported

 of having a great time but were very sore after their brutal pounding. 

You are all welcome to join in on the fun as a Racer or as a Spectator.

  If you would like to help out as course steward, photographer or

 any other position that maybe needed to put on this kind of a event.

  For more information on the race you can email Bret at

 More pictures of Race number 2

            Their off and running                        Up the first hill

              Wade climbing a steep grade            Smokin Willy being challenged

    James coming in Hot (No Brakes)            Bill forgets the wheels go down

               Dean comes across the line                           Here comes James to finish

Last but not least, the two final riders

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