The Yankee Doodle

Mini Gote

Here is a Mini Gote that was totally restored

 by John Ford. He has done a great job with this 

bike and has used a patriotic paint scheme to 

really set it off. There is no hiding the fact  

that this baby is 100 % American made muscle. 

I will let John describe in his own words how he built this bike.

I can't take all the credit because I bought the frame off Ebay and it already had been bead-blasted and painted, and had the painted wheels (not aluminum), shocks and new tires.  I made the seat, cut a stencil for the lettering on the seat, made reproduction decals and based on your pictures, even the one that says "Not intended for highway use" on the top of the forks.  Also, I bought the controls, a band brake, new chain and a Comet 20 TC driver and belt.  I fabricated the fender mounts and added the fenders.  The 4HP B&S engine is one I had stored in my garage, just cleaned and painted it.  It runs like a top, has enough torque to climb a tree, and has a top speed (governed) of about 30 mph.  

John Ford

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