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Oregon Fishing Guides

I do not have allot of information on Oregon fishing guide's at this time. What I do have, I will display on this page. The first guide I have was called "Fishing Guide to Oregon". It was published by Clark B. Walsh in 1946 and it only has 48 pages. The next one I will cover came out in 1947 and was called the "Oregon Sportsmen's Guide" published by Edward W. Pulver. These guide are exactly like the Pulver guides that were put out for Washington State. I have seen several western States covered by Pulver and they all share the same format. They contained loose maps in a front and rear pockets along with a book section in the middle. I will display the 1950 edition here. The third and last guide I will cover was called "The Oregon Sportsman's Guide" which came out in 1960. The first edition is very similar to the Ben Paris guide's of the same time period and was suppose to come out every two years. The cover shows 1960-61 and I have found no evidence that any other editions ever followed this one. The publisher was the owner of "Fosters Sporting Goods" in Portland which was touted as "The Worlds Largest Sports Supermarket". His name is Henning Helstrom and would later put out the Henning's "Fishing, Hunting and Vacation Guide to the Pacific Northwest". He also put out some other Northwest related guide's as well. As with all of these old fishing guides, they are hard to come by which adds their rarity and value. If you have any information or comments on any other guide's or editions of the three guide's that I have covered here, please contact me by email.

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Fishing Guide to Oregon

Oregon Sportsmen's Guide


Oregon Sportsman's Guide