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Northwest Salmon Plugs & Spoons

The history of Northwest Plugs and Spoons is a very interesting story. A story of Sportsmen experimenting with a completely new sport. Before the late 1800ís, Salmon were only caught in nets, fish traps and gaffed (and speared), no one knew how to take them by rod & reel. In 1898 Frank Lundstrom was fishing for Salmon on the docks of the Seattle Waterfront and decided to check the stomach contents of one of his catch. He was surprised to find herring strips that were being discarded by a close by Fish Processing business. It was at this point that he developed the Cut Spinner from a herring filet. You can read more about this in my Fish Tales Story # 1 web page. Iím sure that it was not to long before other Fishermen started to develop artificial lures to imitate the look and action of these Cut Spinners, and as they say, the rest is history.

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