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Northwest Salmon Plugs

The history of Northwest Salmon Plugs was one of very interesting idea's and marketing schemes. A  very serious competition between several Fishermen/Inventors erupted as early as the 1930ís.  Each Manufacture thought that they had the best idea as to what a Salmon would hit. Early on it was thought by most of these manufactures that upon the strike the hooks should detach from the body of the plug. It was thought that the Salmon could use the plug as leverage to shake the hooks. If you would like to find out more information on this subject there is a wonderful book available . It is by far the best source of information on the history and the collecting of  these Salmon Plugs. It was written by my friend Jim Lone and another Salmon Plug expert Mark Spogen. There are several of the largest collections of Salmon Plugs in the Northwest that are pictured inside of this great book. I have a link below for anyone wanting to get more information or wanting to purchase this book.

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Here are the Salmon Plugs offer by the Martin Company in 1946.