Version 5.2 is now available.

It contains scans of all of the pages from the 1964 Dealer Handbook. This encompasses 

detailed information on the Tote Gote Models B, P, 403, 404, 414, 600, 610, Nova and several 

other models are referred to as well. The updated version adds information on model's made 

between 1964 and 1968. It covers model's 660,661,665,666,750,751,760,761 & 770 and the Nova

model's 680,681,780,781 & 675. In addition there is a 1968 dealer price list and 12 pages of parts

listed. It comes with a V-Belt list for all model's. There is also a scan of the 1968 Tote Gote

 Brochure along with other new entries. The CD also covers their Snowmobile "The Spartan" 

and 3 wheeled industrial scooters "The Charger" and "Lodestar". There are drawings

for accessories, wire diagram and trailers. It contains 49 pages of a scanned Master

Parts List that will give you information on every part made up to 1965.  This is a vast

 resource and I've only lightly scratched the surface trying to explain it. I have 

included the complete contents of the 1963 Owners manual for a model 600 and 

1969 drawings and parts list for the Models 430, 431, 430-5, 431-5, 530 and 531.

This also includes the 1969 Maintenance Manual, Drawings and detailed Parts list. 

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Welcome to a sample copy of the Tote Gote on CDROM.

This is the index for this new program and it will give you a good idea as to the contents

of this CD.  I have included a couple of active links which are denoted with a red " <<< "

beside them. Be sure to try them out but it should be noted that the CD loads these 

pages much faster than a modem does. If you have any questions and or comments 

or is interested in obtaining one of these CD's please email me here.

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Tote Gote on CDROM

I would like to welcome you to a CDROM that has been created for the Tote Gote owner, user, collector or

 enthusiast. This material should provide you with information on a product that was made over thirty 

years ago and in many cases over forty years. I hope it provides you with many hours of enjoyment.       

This CD was made possible with countless hours of scanning and the compiling of raw data. It would

 not have been possible without the loan of the priceless information contained within. At this time I 

  would like to thank Steve and Bruce for their invaluable contributions. You will find this CD easy to

  use if you follow the instructions included with this disk. For your convenience I have also included

 this instruction form under the   READ ME   file. This file contains instructions for use with your Web

Browser and opening the higher resolution jpg files from your Photo program. 

Thank You and Gote On.....  

It should be noted that the size of the images on these sample pages

have been reduced in size to speed up their loading time. The ones on

the CD are full size with your monitor set to 600 by 800. 

1964 Dealer Handbook

Page 1--------Cover Scans

Chapter 1----The Bonham Story

Chapter 2----Product Line    <<<

Chapter 3----Marketing Plan----Page 1

Chapter 3----Marketing Plan----Page 2

Chapter 3----Marketing Plan----Page 3

Chapter 4----Advertising, Publicity and Public Relations

Chapter 4----The Charger

Chapter 4----The Spartan

Chapter 4----The Nova

Chapter 4----The Tote Gote

Chapter 4----Public Relations----Page 1

Chapter 4----Public Relations----Page 2

Chapter 5----Warranty and Parts Return Procedures

Chapter 6----Price List----Page 1

Chapter 6----Price List----Page 2

Chapter 7----Master Parts List----Pages 1-10 

Chapter 7----Master Parts List----Pages 11-20

Chapter 7----Master Parts List----Pages 21-30

Chapter 7----Master Parts List----Pages 31-40

Chapter 7----Master Parts List----Pages 41-49

Drawings and Parts List

Chapter 8----Accessories

Chapter 8----The Charger

Chapter 8----The Lodestar

Chapter 8----Model 403

Chapter 8----Model 404 and 414

Chapter 8----Model 600 and 610

Chapter 8----Model B

Chapter 8----Model P

Chapter 8----The Nova

Chapter 8----The Trailer's   <<<

Chapter 8----Wire Diagram

1963 Owner's Manual

Cover Scan

Pages 1 thru 4

Pages 5 thru 8

Pages 9 thru 12

1969 Drawings, Parts &

 Maintenance Manual

Drawings and Parts List----(Models 430, 431, 430-5, 431-5, 530 & 531)

Maintenance Manual