This site is dedicated to keeping alive a little invention that Ralph Bonham came up with called the Tote Gote. He sold his first one in 1958 which began a 12 year evolution. There were other trail scooters made that varied in design but the general concept was the same. I will try to cover this evolution of these trail scooters with ads, magazine articles, brochures, pictures and any information that you out there can provide. With today's high tech dirt bikes and the beautiful scenery going by in a blur, its nice to climb onto a low tech trail scooter and  soak in your surroundings. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did putting it together. 

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1968 Maintenance and Service Manual

1968 Tote Gote Parts List 

The BogHog Makeover

Tote Gote Picture Gallery

Gote Land Classified Ads



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