The Trans-sport

This bike was made in California by two men,

 in the mid 1960's. Dick Eickert and Ed Ellison

were partners in the "Ellison Engineering Co."

Dick Eickert's son Rich has provided the scans 

of the wonderful brochure and magazine ad.

I will let Rich tell you in his own words about

his dad's bike.

My Father, Dick Eickert,  designed and built the Trans-Sport.  He was
partners with Ed Ellison (Ellison Engineering Co.). My siblings and I grew 
up riding them. We had a lot of fun. My family still has two of them in the shed.  
The man riding
the Trans-sport on the front page of the brochure is my father.  
He personally fabricated most of the units.  He also design and built a special
shortened unit for a rancher who was a double amputee.  I'll try to think of
other info/stories to send you.  I will also talk to my father and see if he
has some stuff to add. (To be continued)

Richard R. Eickert, Jr.

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