Tule Trooper Big Boy verse the Tote Gote Model 600

By Mitch Hemphill

Just uncrated put together and ready to start for the first time


The Tule and I Testing well on a really steep one


Mitch's Tote Gote Model's 665 and 600


First impression of Tule Trooper before the restoration


My first ride

It has a 2 speed gear box (low and high)

In low gear It Climbs as good as my Tote Gote

And tops out at a blistering 15 miles per hour

In low full gas from a dead stop sends the front wheel right up into

 the air In High gear it tops out at a blistering 45 miles per 

hour. In high it starts off pulling well right from

 the start but as Rpm's build it pulls much better.



 not my wife Suzanne's model 665 with the back shocks


Now to compare with the tote gote model 600


The Tule Trooper Vibrates much more than the tote 

gote As you are essentially riding a big spring

One must stop and change gears a lot

And this slows you down

But if you are traveling a long ways you can 

definitely cover more ground on the Tule Trooper.


Suzanne and I went for a ride today her on her model 

665 Me on the tule.

She had to wait all the time for me to switch gears

But on the gravel road I was waiting on her

So there is definitely a trade off.


All in All the Tule Trooper did well

And I expect it to do even better after restoring it.

Mitch And Suzanne


Many Thanks to my Wonderful Wife Suzanne for taking Time out of her Busy Day (we have 4 kids) to go riding with me and taking such awesome pictures