What is it? #4

Can you tell me what this bike was called?

Do you know who the manufacture was?

If you have any ideas please submit them.

(see below for past "What is it ?" answers)

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This one is a real mystery so I'm counting

on you guys to get me an answer to this one. 


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What is it? #3 This bike was called a HillBilly 

I thank Bret Stephensen for providing

the wonderful picture of his totally restored

HillBilly. This is the same bike he uses for

 the Modern Day Trail Scooter Races located

near Bluffdale Utah. Thanks again Bret.

Click on picture to go to race page >>>>>




What is it? #2 This bike was called a Forester and

was made in Seattle Washington. It was

made on Roosevelt Way in the mid 60's.

I thank Tim Shaver for providing the

correct answer to this "What is it?"

If you would like to see pictures of Tim's

 Forester, click on the link to the right >>>



What is it? #1 This bike was called a Trail King and

was made by the Clayton Equipment Co.

of Eastern Washington in the early 60ís.

I thank Dave of Camano Island, WA

for providing this stumper.